I’ve had a blog before.

Nothing too fancy, it was about being cynical and how terrible everything was. It was quite fun to vent on the internet but I quickly found myself running out of content whenever I had a good day or something didn’t annoy me.

The name Z3N0, while being a terrible bastardisation of the founder of stoic philosophy’s name, represents the beginning of a journey. A foundling of a school of thought. While I’m not claiming to be such a thing, representative of my own internal school. The foundling of my own education – practically free ignoring the fee for WordPress and the books, of course (wink).

Coming to the end of 2019 and into 2020 I discovered stoicism. I had heard about it before and as a fan of Mr Spock and the Jedi, I finally decided to buy some books. My first was Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic and then suddenly I spiralled into the this new headspace. A reverse of Alice in Wonderland, finding myself tumbling out of the rabbit hole rather than down one. I’m still going, I don’t think I’ll ever stop. It’s not for everyone though, is it? Saying ‘fuck it’ at things that would normally get you down isn’t always possible to do. I’m not perfect, I’m supplementing my road to enlightenment with SSRI medication and IPA and I like to think of them as the Holy Trinity of my own mental health. Perhaps I’m missing the point entirely but hey I’m new to this too.

I’m digressing.

This blog, this awkward and perhaps cliched corner of the internet I’m paying £3 a month to keep is to share my own journey. To discuss philosophy (most likely to myself) and note down observations and musings and whatever keeps me on the path. To explore my own half-baked ideas on the divine nature of all things and how’s ultimately it’ll be ok. This isn’t a self-help blog or anything like that, I’m no where near qualified to be giving anyone any sage wisdom, but if you do find some of my ramblings and observations helpful to you, let me know. It’d be a privilege to hear your thoughts.

I hope this message finds you, whoever you are, well, and welcome.


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