Wake Up(!)

Today, just moments ago in fact I was a witness to a conversation where I was told watch some Facebook shared videos that will explain away the Coronavirus Pandemic and explain that Donald Trump’s true purpose in his presidency was to expose the abusers of young children in the ruling powers whoever they may be. Within this video was a clip of Jason Mamoa and his own children and he was hugging them and the video posed this as some gross act of abuse on strangers.

That’s fake, clearly.” – X

No it’s not look at it in context with the rest of the video he’s doing something wrong clearly or he wouldn’t be part of this.” – Y

We live in a time where we are told to question everything about what we see and what we are being told yet some refuse to question themselves. They seem incapable of questioning their own assumptions of how things are and how they truly are.

Suppose we all wake up and see abusers everywhere we look, what does this mean for the average citizen or audience of this over-shared poorly edited video? Nothing of course, rationally, if this all powerful organization ruling everything and stealing our children in the night really were what this video claimed them to be, then they would have the power to ensure it was not spoken about in the first place. The video would never have been shared on such a regulated platform instead would have been written via typewriter and copied with an analogue press.

“It all links back to Obama! This affects all of us?” – Y

First of all, I find this fascination with Obama amazing, in fact all fascinations with the inner workings and intricacies of Democratic politicians. I half expect my next conversation with Y to be about how Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez’s shoe size is the secret code to an underground bunker to where the all-powerful are hiding Bin Laden.

What do we do with all this information when we have it? What use is it to any of us to live our lives without fear? Where do we go with this fear aside from projecting it onto others, living some misanthropic purgatory waiting for The Great Reset whatever that means.

“I just want to live a happy life and get on with it.” – Y

“Okay so do that.” – Z

“I am but no one else is: wearing masks and not opening their eyes.” – Y

It all goes back to the same primal fear of not being in control, of craving the good old days that were just days. Back before the internet before it all went wrong with Bill Gates and Tom Hanks and myriad of other public figures who are all involved somehow. Back in the days with Agent Orange, MK Ultra, the public destruction of Marilyn Monroe, Chernobyl, the Cold War, the assassination of JFK and Martin Luther King Jr, and the massacre that never happened in 1989. The good old days?

Good old days for whom?

The world changes, all things change. We must accept in our capacity that things are as they are and a symptom of Providence and a part of the natural wider Whole. If there is an imbalance, the scales will handle themselves in time. But I ask, man from the pub, “what can you do about any of it that will make a tangible difference outside of your own mind?”

Of course a highly defeatist attitude for some, who didn’t love The Lego Movie? Yet masquerading pure fear and panic as acceptance is not acceptance. It’s deception of the self. Whatever that fear may be, whether it be COVID-19, becoming obsolete, being forgotten, strangers moving in next door, failing your MOT, or even that your BBQ is ruined by rain. Dig deep because you can’t kill weeds without finding the roots.

“The universal cause is a torrent, sweeping everything in its stream. So, man, what does this mean for you? Do what nature requires at the moment. Start straight away, if that is in your power: don’t look over your shoulder to see if people will know. Don’t hope for Plato’s utopian republic, but be content with the smallest step forward, and regard even that result as no mean achievement. How worthless are these little men in the public eye who think their actions have anything to do with philosophy! They are full of snot. And who will change their views? Without a change of view what alternative is there to slavery – men groaning and going through the motions of compliance? Go on, then, talk to me now of Alexander and Philip and Demetrius of Phalerum. I shall follow them, if they saw the will of universal nature took themselves to her school. But if they simply strutted the dramatic role, no one has condemned me to imitate them. The work of philosophy is simple and modest. Do not seduce me to pompous pride.” – Meditations 9.29

So I say to you, wake up to philosophy of the universe and follow the true way. Accept wholly or you will be living a masked misery which is the same as misery and the world looks at you like a mirror. Be the change you want to see or not at all. There are no half measures in finding your balance.

“Do or do not, there is no try.” – Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back



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